Where to begin?…..at the beginning I guess.

My working life began in the Summer break of 1981, between college courses, in the small Somerset village of Wiliton in England, working for family friends who had just bought a hotel in the village. Sadly, I’ve since discovered, the hotel has been closed and the building turned into flats. So my journey into my adult working life began…

After completing another year of college after school, something I didn’t really enjoy (although looking back now, like others, I wish I could do over) I found myself yet another job (part-time) in hospitality, employed this time in the local steakhouse as the handyman, a job which covered a bit of everything. I stayed there for six years and during this time I was promoted to Bar Manager. Prior to me leaving the General Manager had left and a couple had moved in to run the place.  It soon became obvious that my position was no longer needed and I felt “pushed” to give notice. I found out later that the only reason for my original promotion to Bar Manager was that the single General Manager couldn’t look after both the upstairs restaurant and the downstairs bar. I felt quite “used” at the time but put on a brave face and moved on.

My next employment opportunity was in a country hotel not far from Stratford-Upon-Avon where I was employed as the Assistant Manager. This position also came with the responsibility for food and beverage management. The hotel had just been brought by a large hotel company from the original owners, and had been built up into a property with a very good reputation. However, as I found out later, the General Manager had specifically employed me in order to push out a member of the management team who’s position had been a part of the purchase agreement. This person wasn’t liked and didn’t fit in with the new General Manager’s plans for the property. His plan didn’t take long to come to fruition and this person then left…it then became my turn & the pressure was then applied to me.

I’ve used the previous two paragraphs above to show how I’ve been used in the past, like others throughout their employment story. Basically it had left me feeling insecure in my career and I was always hoping that the next position would be a better one or “more me”, so to speak.  Since that time I have used my experiences to become a joint owner of a Public House near Matlock in Derbyshire through to being the General Manager of a three star hotel in Coventry with an 18 hole golf course, leisure facilities, 150 bedrooms & several different size function rooms.

I’ve made the most of my time in the hospitality industry but there comes a time when things need to change.  I’ve always wondered “what if I did this” or “if only I had done that”.  I believe that I have now found the “change” that I needed through the friendship and guidance of my mentors.  Through them I have been given a chance to “start again” in a new lifestyle.  You can see what they are doing for me by clicking on this link. Since following their guidance and mentoring I have found not only a different way of looking at the world but a genuine “helping hand” to really make a new and positive experience for myself and those around me. Maybe you too have been searching for your own “what if”. Do yourself a favour, take a look and see whether this might also be your own “change that needed to happen”.











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