Age…..”the final frontier”

I was very tempted  to call this blog “To Boldly Go”, my father would have loved that!


Let me ask you a question; how old is too old to get a job in your current employment field?

Sadly I discovered the answer to this questioin at the beginning of this year. Now, ok there’s a lot you don’t know about me and some I don’t ever aim to broadcast on here. Lets be honest, I am entitled to keep some things to myself.

I have been employed in the hospitality industry for more than thirty five years this year (2017), most of that in a management capacity in one form or another. I left my last employer in January and since then I have applied for numerous positions, some with no reply at all, some with “thank you for your application but we have found someone else etc, etc….”. Now between you and I, I know that I don’t possess the skills and/or knowledge to apply for a General Manager’s position. Instead I applied for positions I thought I could fill.

Yes, I guessed/expected finding a job was going to be easy, but how wrong could I have been? I did, however, manage to get two interviews, one of which I had no experience in (employment wise, but thought I had good knowledge in that field). In the other interview the person interviewing me didn’t even turn up and none of his staff/family could get hold of him……

So yes, I guess after having had numerous knock backs and having had my ego dented from this, I was feeling a little low shall we say. My better half, unbeknown to myself, had found a website that she thought would be right up my street so to speak. I will be honest and say that initially I was a little sceptical of SFM, like possibly others of my age, but the mentoring and training I have found here have been really helpful, and have lifted me up from the slump I was in and shown me that yes, there is something else out there for me and no, I am not too old!

If you too think that you might be a little bit “past your used by date” or just “too old” for your industry, why don’t you have a look and see whether this might also be able to give you back a bit of your career mojo.  I say go for it, click the link, it certainly can’t hurt and might just be the new lifestyle that you are looking for…


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