Surely there must be more to life?!?

Having worked in hospitality for, lets say for argument’s sake twenty years at that stage, that’s how I felt after having lost my latest job!

So…I began to have a look around at just what was available outside my career path to date. I ended up applying for work in a call centre in Birmingham. I went along for the interview and was lucky enough to get the job.

The job was with a company that anyone, anywhere in the UK could call if they needed a plumber, electrician, locksmith, carpenter, gas fitter etc. Now this was advertisised, if I remember correctly, as something like “an emergency service” so at times we could receive a call from someone whose house was flooding, or they may have needed an emergency tradesman there as soon as possible. The office covered the whole of the UK but certain work stations within that office were assigned to different areas within the UK. There was training provided by the employer after starting but at least one of the questions on the interview paper asked the applicant to show where he or she believed a list of cities were located on a sketched outline of the UK.

Through the company’s training they also:

  • Listened to your telephone technique and showed how a phone call should and should not be answered.
  • Showed you how to fill in a job card with the customer’s name, address, phone number and what the actual job was.
  • On completing the phone conversation you had to give the customer an ETA for the “tradie” to get there by.
  • Unfortunately, as we were rarely given any idea of time frames, most of this was just guestimation on our part.
    Afterwards, if required, we would need to call the customer back with an amended ETA. This was also quite stressful as the customers always seemed to be in a panicked state and wanted us to get them the first “tradie” that we could.

After a period of time was I lost interest in this job.  The reasons were many but the travelling from Coventry to Birmingham and back everyday was getting very tiring.  The main one, however, was having to lie to the customers about the time frames for the “tradies” to get to the jobs. More often than not, within the area I was covering, there never seemed to be enough “tradies” on the ground. I hated having to lie to people. I’m not good at it and it was always an uncomfortable part of the role.

The one good thing that I got from the job though was that I got a break from the hospitaility industry, but unfortunately I still ended up returning to it.  Also, at least when I was working in management of an establishment for a Public House, hotel or a cafe, I felt like I had some control over what happened. I have to say that I was never “thrilled” to be working in the industry that I fell into straight out of school, but at least it was work and kept the wolves from the door.

My new venture with SFM has changed me. I no longer feel like I’m just spinning my wheels “just getting by”. Having been with them through the mentoring & training I feel like I have a different way of looking at things. I have done things that I have never done before and to me, that’s a whole lot better than wondering “what if” my whole life. If you fancy getting a new outlook on life or you’re ready for a change….click on this link.


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