Had enough of working 9-5?

What a stupid question! Sorry, I can say that I don’t think I have ever worked a 9-5 job. Who’s to blame? Me, I guess. It was my decision to work in the hospitality industry and by doing so I missed out on so many of things like the following:

  • family get together’s on a weekend;
  • being invited to BBQ’s and outings;
  • socialising with people who like to go out to the pub or for a meal at the weekend or after work;
  • sitting down to an evening meal with the family on a regular/daily basis;sitting back and enjoying a big sporting event on TV rather than being one of the guys sweating their butts off to make sure others did;
  • missing out on invitations to social gatherings because you’ve turned down the same people time and again and in the end they just stopped bothering to extend the invitations altogether;

  • missing out on seeing a concert you’ve been wanting to see because its either expected that you have to work or its too busy for you to be given the time off;
  • going on holiday at the time YOU want rather than the time aloted;
  • losing a relationship because you spend more time working than with that special someone. Its very difficult to have a relationship with someone unless your other half works the same hours as you do or they are just very, very understanding. The chances of that happening though are pretty slim.

The above are some of the things that I have had to give up or been put out by and yes, there would I’m sure, have been many others. This doesn’t just happen in the hospitality industry.  The same could be said for nursing, the armed forces and many other industries where your time is never your own.

All the above points are negative, however there were were some positives along the way as well;

  • I have had the pleasure of serving at venues where members of the Munster Rugby Union Club from Ireland and the Manchester United Football Club were staying.
  • I have met Wally Lewis (whose mother, June, is a very special Lady) and the golfer Peter Senior.
  • I have worked at Highfield Road (at one time Coventry City’s (Soccer) home ground) and also at Suncorp Stadium.

So there were some highs and perks of the job but sadly, they don’t really balance out what I’ve lost through working in my chosen career.

Now I have been given the opportunity to work from home (or anywhere really, as long as I have an internet connection) following the mentoring and education that I have received through SFM (Six Figure Mentors). They have provided the inspiration to me for a new way of looking at things and without questioning my past. The support team have been great, although I have asked many (to my mind silly and obvious) questions and, at times, I have provided them with at least a few headaches, but they have always been unfailingly upbeat and willing to help.  I think, more than anything, this has been the impetus for me to keep going at times when I might have been overwhelmed with tehnology and the process.  Nothing is ever “too hard” for them and they have been an inspiration to me from the get go.

If you too are sick of things not working in your life and career and you crave getting out of the “Rat Race” click  here. Maybe they can provide the answers you’ve been looking for as well.

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