Like to save on time, money and sleep?


Everyone hates the alarm going off in the morning because they feel like they only fell asleep 5 minutes ago. Wouldn’t you like to change that around to actually looking forward to hearing your alarm going off to start your day? Then a little further down the track not actually having to set an alarm at all because everything is running smoothly?

One of the many things about my job was the different times of having to get up to drive to work.

Wouldn’t you want to miss out on some of these:



  • The traffic jam that seems more like a car park with you hardly moving and where at times you’re tempted to get out and walk because you’d make better time.
  • The car in front of you over-heating and trying to get around them in the queue whilst they waited to be rescued.
  • The driver who’s lane hasn’t moved but the one on the other side of him has moved less than a car length and he just has to change lanes into it!
  • The driver who assumes that everybody knows exactly where he is going and for this reason doesn’t indicate…or maybe he’s waiting for the indicators to be fitted because they didn’t come with his car…I’m sure you know the kind.
  • The driver who doesn’t know how to merge onto a road without causing problems for other drivers in the immediate vicinity.
  • The driver who thinks his front wheels belong in the boot of your car as he’s driving so close.
  • The driver who is still hung over from the night before and keeps weaving in and out of the lane.
  • Having to defrost the windscreen because of the frost the night before.
  • Driving straight into the sun when it’s shining right into your eyes.
  • The awful condition of some of the road surfaces.
  • Then the return journey back home where some if not all of the above come into play once again!
  • Yes you have tried taking the train on a couple of occasions but on one trip into work you spent the entire journey staring into some one’s smelly armpit. The rest of the day passsed with a blur and you just couldn’t face that again!


Still on the subject of the car, depending on how far you have drive can at times affect the premium you have to pay on your car insurance. Mid-June this year is when my insurance is due for renewal and amongst the questions asked on the insurance forms are “Do you use your car for driving to and from work?” I’m quite looking forward to answering that question with “no” this time as my car spends most of its time now stationary parked in my driveway.

I’m guessing that most people would agree that the title and the content of this blog have pretty much covered some, if not all, the points that they would like to change in their working lives.

  • Get up when you want, after an initial period of head down tail up.
  • Save money on both petrol and insurance.
  • Save time…..

So…how would it feel working from home but being able to sell to a world wide audience without having to leave your home? Interested? Do you have a laptop? Do you have a connection to the Internet? Do you have experience in marketing…wait a minute…no, I had no experience in that field either but with the training and mentoring from SFM (Six Figure Mentoring) it’s been so much easier than I ever thought possible.

If you to would like to save on “time, money and sleep” click on this link to find out more.

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