Will you be ready, financially, for retirement?


Looking back, to even as far back as being a kid in shorts, which was prior to Secondary school (we were told that our year was the first year not to have worn shorts, in what was the first year of secondary education at that particular school), my parents were pushing me to save. I guess, like all kids (financially), “money was burning a hole in my pocket”.  A little later on in life it was “you need to do well in school because if you don’t you won’t be able to get into University”.

These phrases, at the time, sounded so old and uninspiring but were actually of benefit, if I had only listened. (For all those interested, no I didn’t go to Uni. I did go on to a College of Further Education, although I hated that as well). These days I’m one of those who say if I could live my school life over again I would….but then a fifty two year old in school….I can just hear the next phrase, “you’ve made your bed your going to have to lie in it now!”

Whilst on the subject of school: some subjects taught there, to this day, still make me question things. For the Americans amongst us for example you call it Math not Maths, as we do. We are taught more than just one number whether it be subtraction, addition, multiplication or division so there is always more than one number involved ergo Maths, not Math (sorry, whinge over, its just always stuck in my craw). On the subject of Maths, how many of us actually use logarithms, let alone applied maths, in our day to day life?

Anyway, I digress…

So what do you do to try and lighten the load?


Win the lottery? (figures shown are for the Oz Lotto)

According to https://wikipedia.org>wiki>Lotteries…

to win the 1st Division (7 numbers)      1in 45,379,620
to win the 2nd Division (6 + Sup)       1in  3,241,401
to win the 3rd Division (6 numbers)      1in    180, 078
to win the 4th Division (5 + 1 or both    1in     29,602

and so on. With me, when I buy a ticket my excuse is “when theres a decent amount to win, you’ve got to be in it to win it” The fact that I have never really won more than a few dollars shows that I should take my own advice and just don’t even bother.

Win the Keno?

According to https://thelott.com>responsible-play>o
Matching numbers

Spot 7            Match 7 Numbers       1: 40,979.3
Spot 8            Match 8 Numbers       1: 230,114.6
Spot 9            Match 9 Numbers       1: 1,380,687.6
Spot 10           Match 10 Numbers      1: 8,911,711

and so on. Personally having worked one of the Keno machines behind a bar and having seen how often they don’t pay out, I stopped playing this a long time ago.

Then you’ve got the pokies which are supposedly 83% in favour of the player during each of their lifetimes. There’s also betting on anything from horses through to the fall of a card and many other ways of trying to increase your money.

OK, once in a while, as you will see from the odds provided for both Lottery and Keno, someone wins, but it sadly is only once in a while. Not many gamblers can say they have won more than they have lost if they are honest.

Don’t as they always say at the end of every footy tipping commercial here in Australia…”gamble responsibly”.  To me, that says everything…

So what would I suggest?

I would like to start by drawing your attention to the word “suggest” (because even the people I’m about to put forward offer no guarantee to success). Well, as I have blogged before, I haven’t had a job since the early days of 2017 until now but for the last two to three months I have been mentored, tutored and supported by SFM (Six Figure Mentors). What I would suggest to you is to click on the link to take you through to some free education videos about them. Maybe keep your current career going and use this as an added way of making both the extra money and life you’re looking for. As it says on my website  “Our aim is to provide you with suggestions on how to improve your life for the better through the choices which you make”

To finish on yet another old phrase “What have you got to lose?”



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