Walking Ruby on the Gold Coast (or anywhere) the right way

I guess I should start by saying that I have lived here on the Gold Coast for only a short time and only really seem to frequent my local area. However some things I believe need mentioning.

When you take your dog for a walk please pick up after it. I have had Ruby (see photo) for just under 5 years and I know for a fact that Woolies, Coles & pet shops in the area sell the bags designed for this purpose. You can then dispose of the bag and its contents in a bin, rather than just throwing it back onto the ground where you’ve just bagged it from (someone local to me do’s this & I can’t quite get my head around why?) . At the end of the day, when all is said and done, I’m sure we dog owners aren’t doing ourselves or our neighbours any favours by not doing this.

One whinge from me on this subject is aimed at my local council and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.  One of the roads near my home is a good length and has three parks which flow from it….and how many rubbish bins are there?  Just 1!! The only time I have had need to use it, I discovered on lifting the lid that it was full to over-flowing.  If the council could show a bit more support to the dog owners with more freely-available bins, I’m sure the dog owners would, in turn, do the right thing by picking up after their pets.

I have a retractable leash for Ruby which allows her, to a degree, to roam free when I think she is able, although when other dogs and people are close by I actively shorten it. Keeping dogs on leads I think is a must, especially when walking next to a road or the footpath is shared with cyclists. It keeps everyone happier and safer.

My personal choice of collar is a harness for walking (where as Ruby do’s have a nice red leather collar with her name tag & registration attached).  It allows, I believe, better control over your dog. Ruby’s fits around her front shoulders & fastens on her back in two places. I don’t think collars around a dog’s neck provide much control and can both be a choking hazard for the animal whilst at the same time can be easily slipped out of by your pet.

Personally I enjoy getting out with Ruby as it not only allows me to get some fresh air but also gets me out of the house.  This allows  me to think about blogs and anything else that I need to do that day. Besides this benefit, there seems to be a camaraderie with other dog owners who, on discovering that your dog is well behaved, will wish you a good morning on passing, or maybe even start a conversation based around your pet.

All dogs should be micro-chipped as it enables you a better chance of getting your dog back in case they should slip the collar or escape from your back garden. Plus, when it comes to registering your pet with your local council, having it micro-chipped saves you money on the registration (or has for me in at least two instances).

Walking Ruby allows me time away from my business online when I choose to take a break, rather than it being determined around when I can fit it in. I guess one of the main advantages I had over looked was helping to try to keep the middle age spread under control, I repeat helping…

I am my own boss and have an online business. The freedom of this allows me to work from home, rather than like in my previous 35 years of employment, my time never seemed to be my own. I have been known to work 70-80 hour weeks and have missed out on numerous social events and family functions because of this.

Working from home was a new idea for me which started in late March of this year. I am working as an affiliate marketer with Stuart Ross & his team. Mentoring and training was provided at the pace I required and not in a classroom situation, which doesn’t work for me. All I needed was a laptop, an internet connection and an eagerness to learn, which in turn provided me with a new start in life.

If you are interested in “being your own boss” or/& “escaping the 9-5 why not click on this link.


As this blog was entitled “Walking Ruby on the Gold Coast (or anywhere) the right way” the above points are open to discussion so please feel free to leave any comments you may have in the following form.


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