Time flies….or is it me?

This blog was brought about due to someone I know celebrating his fifty-third birthday recently.  This person, let’s just call him Richard for this blog, has always and will always be nineteen days older than me….just goes to show how time flies!

We met in Junior school, too long ago to really remember any details, then carried on through Secondary and onto Further Education, although here is where our paths started to split, at least education-wise. Richard, throughout our growing up years, always lived at the top of my street, so as lads, we would always hang out together.

We’ve got stories ranging from him buying an old yellow estate car without the engine actually being in it (I think the story was it started out life as a taxi in Guernsey) to going through fitting the engine with the help of his father. The first car he ever bought was a Lada something or other, it was smaller, I think, than a Mini, but was still able to get us places. It was so small that with two teenagers in the front seat pedaling our legs away it looked like we were actually supplying the power for it.

I think I am correct in saying that the first ever job Richard got was working for a guy who erected fences, which in turn then saw Richard  from memory, work in a local wood yard this didn’t last very long.

Throughout this time I was still employed at the local steakhouse on a part-time basis.  I started at 7.30am and worked through for however long until the jobs I had were completed for that day. At some stage during this time (I worked there from 1982-1988) Richard asked me if I wanted to help him erect a few fences for some people he knew. I agreed but still kept the job I had.

With not having any transport of my own it meant that he would have to pick me up to take me to our latest job. This would be either on the back of his motorbike or in his mother’s car. We used the wood yard he worked at to deliver the supplies we needed for our work. One day we were short of a couple of posts to attach the fences to, so having no car available to us, we went to pick them up on the back of his motorbike. Looking back now it was a stupid thing to do but again, for two teenagers who didn’t know any better it was a laugh, I mean at the end of the day what could go wrong?

During this time I’m guessing we must have erected maybe six fences for different people. I don’t think we finished one then started another one straight away, it was more or less when the jobs came up. From memory we didn’t get paid that much, if at all, for any of the fences we built.

Over the years Richard and I got married, each to separate women, not to each other, in the same year. Richard is still married to the same woman and they now have two twenty-something sons, pretty scary when you sit back and think just how quickly time flies! Through the years we got on with our own lives. He still lives in the same suburb where we grew up, I now live in Australia. We don’t really speak anywhere near as much as we used to but catch up every so often on Messenger.

I heard recently that he had set up his own business with one of his sons erecting fences and offering lock smith services, which he was trained in. Obviously I wish them both every success with this venture.

I find it somewhat interesting that two friends who started off their school lives together both ended up trying to make a go of working for themselves. Both of us really had no idea what adult life would bring or, indeed, what we would do for a crust.

I spent most of my working life in hospitality and I guess was expecting to get further than I did.  I knew that in that trade age counted against you, though not knowing just when that would happen for me. I discovered that working from home was a possibility that I hadn’t previously considered or just what that would contain or offer.

Since late March of this year I have been mentored and re-trained into affiliate marketing through Six Figure Mentors. They offer a good product and the possibility of earning upwards of a six figure sum per month. I will easily admit I haven’t been lucky enough to hit that figure yet but I’m steadily working towards it. If you too would be interested in discovering how this may help you, please click on this link where you will find a series of videos showing you what they have to offer. If you never go, you will never know…

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