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Thought I would like to share something with you guys that I have been working on for roughly a year and something that we consume most mornings. Just as a disclaimer this is our own recipe.



(these are in the order that I place them in the “Nutri-Bullet”).

1 red apple (I use Royal Gala) de-cored and cut into cubes
1 measuring scoop of Whey, that comes in the whey container (we have used Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry), its        down to personal  taste
1 small shake of Turmeric
1 stick of kale using just the leaf not the stalk.
1 large pinch of a pre-mix salad, (I use “Power Greens” (from Woolworth’s)
1 stick of celery washed & diced.
2 strawberries cut into quarters, currently we are using frozen water melon but keeping the quantity the same.             1 kiwifruit sliced
coconut water flavoured with melon & a hint of mint poured halfway up the blending cup.



The blender I use is the “Nutri-Bullet” and the larger of the two cups that it comes with is the one I use for this recipe. This makes roughly 2-3 glasses, depending on the size of the glass you use.

Now obviously anything can be substituted with something else, this just helps us eat our required vegetables for the day and tastes great.


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